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The Northvolt Battery Factory

There can never be too many batteries. Especially if the goal is to make Sweden’s energy system 100% renewable. So we decided to invest in the Northvolt battery factory now being built in Skellefteå.

På svenska. Northvolt Ett will be Europe’s largest battery factory making lithium-ion batteries for electric cars and energy storage. But this is not any old battery factory – the circular model has been used right from the start.

Skellefteå Kraft has been a driving force in the work to build the battery factory quickly. This means providing things like land, electricity networks, district heating, cooling water, steam, fibre connections and opportunities to use waste heat. Today, Skellefteå Kraft is a part owner of the company.

Improving access to batteries is crucial.

Skellefteå Kraft’s involvement will continue into the future, by supplying renewable electricity to manufacture the cells in the batteries.
Of course, though, there are renewable processes in all parts of production. Old batteries are used to create new ones, and new innovations can make batteries cheaper and therefore more accessible.

This is crucial if more people are to do their bit and switch to a 100% renewable energy system.


Joachim Nordin

”Our work building Northvolt will help grow an entire cluster of investments around green technology and electrification. Together, this will encourage significant local, regional and national development towards a renewable energy system”

Joachim Nordin, President and CEO of Skellefteå Kraft

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