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Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 are installing fast charging stations throughout Sweden

If Sweden is to start running on renewable energy, we need to be able to recharge. Quickly and everywhere. That is why we and OKQ8 are busy setting up 800 new charging stations throughout the country.

På svenska. På dansk. This project will turn Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 into the Swedish market leaders in public fast charging of passenger cars.

A total of 300 stations in Sweden and 100 stations in Denmark are being equipped with high-efficiency chargers, in major cities as well as smaller towns. The power will be 150 kW instead of the current standard of 50 kW. As for the electricity, it is of course 100% renewable.

Sweden’s largest public charging network

More and more people are making a contribution to the environment by choosing a car that is wholly or partly powered by electricity. So it should also be easy for them to charge their car with renewable energy in more places around Sweden.

Today, electric cars are mostly charged at home or at work, because the public charging stations are too few and too slow to meet a growing demand. This large-scale joint investment means that Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 will be Sweden’s leading players in the new generation of public fast chargers.

Under the collaboration, OKQ8 provides space at its stations, while Skellefteå Kraft provides, operates and maintains the charging stations. The rollout will begin in 2021 and will continue gradually until 2026.

Read more about the expansion of charging stations for fast charging.

Karta över laddstationer i Sverige hösten 2021.



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