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Sara Kulturhus – part of the sustainable city’s energy

Sara Kulturhus is not only one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings and a place where the city’s culture meets. The building’s energy system also makes an important contribution in the sustainable city.

På svenska. With its 20 floors, Sara Kulturhus is a magnificent wooden building in terms of both architecture and technology.

A gathering place for the city’s culture with effervescent life and activities.

But behind the scenes there is at least as much activity, because there is the control system. An AI, which keeps track of the building’s energy flows – and adapts to the building’s visitors. It learns when a lot of electricity or heat is needed. And when less is needed.

The computer notes everything in its quiet mind and prepares well in advance for the next similar situation. In this way, the entire system is always perfectly optimised for every single experience.

Building talks to building

Sara Kulturhus also communicates with nearby buildings and, for that matter, the entire energy system of Skellefteå. Excess energy in the property is passed on to other parts of the city. Or saved in batteries.

When the building is to be heated, the energy generated when another building is cooled down is used. All excess heat goes back into the system and nothing goes to waste.

And everything runs on 100% renewable power.

The property is equipped with solar panels, batteries and a heat pump that work with the electricity grid and water and district heating networks. Even the sprinklers, which otherwise are always powered by diesel, run on renewable power.

Sara Kulturhus is a brilliant example of how a building would be built in a city, if a city was to be built from scratch. A heart of wood – that takes Skellefteå, Sweden and the world one step closer to a 100% renewable energy system.

Innovative energy technologies

The concept was developed by Skellefteå Kraft, and in cooperation with ABB, who together looked at a complete solution for all energy aspects.

The technical and commercial competence that has been built up in the project is a possible gateway to solutions to the impact problem. This is because the energy is being used in an even more effective way.

“Together, we want to show that it is possible to switch to renewable and more sustainable energy solutions and that this is done in combination with commercial benefits,” says Patrik Sundberg, Business Unit Manager Products and Services at Skellefteå Kraft

Close cooperation and innovative energy technologies are leading us further in our common efforts to contribute to a sustainable society.

“A sustainable transition to a renewable society requires new and innovative solutions, and this is something we at Skellefteå Kraft are passionate about.”

Catarina Hägglund Head of Communication and Sustainability at Skellefteå Kraft

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