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A Renewable Electric Car Pool

During the day it’s ours, in the evening it’s yours. So that everyone can drive renewably.

På svenska. In Skellefteå, everyone can drive renewably. The renewable electric car pool SK100 means that Skellefteå Kraft’s electric pool cars are shared with the public.

With this initiative, Skellefteå Kraft wants to make it possible for everyone to drive an electric car, because the electrification of vehicles is part of the solution to the climate challenge.

– We are convinced that everyone must be helped if we are going to be able to transform Sweden into a country that is powered by renewable energy. Therefore, it is also obvious that we will reuse and share our resources, says Catarina Hägglund, head of communications and sustainability at Skellefteå Kraft.

A renewable initiative

The concept of the renewable electric car pool SK100 is based on Skellefteå Kraft renting out its electric cars to the public after working hours.

In this way, the car pool helps to ensure that no new cars are purchased that are harmful to the environment. Instead, the idea is to increase the company’s low rate of utilisation of its cars.

– SK100 is there when you have a temporary need for an extra car, as well as for those who do not need to have their own car full time. And you can do all this at the same time as you become part of the green transition, says Fredrik Jonsson, who is responsible for business innovation at Skellefteå Kraft.

Inspire more to do the same

The hope is that more companies will want to share their electric cars with the people, not just in Skellefteå. There is great potential in vehicles that are just standing idle for a large part of the day.

It is better for these to be used by more people, so that together we contribute to a renewable transition. Because just as this planet is ours, the tools to save it should also be everyone’s.

• A reduction in emissions that are hazardous to the environment and health. Pool cars are usually much newer and cleaner than average cars. A pool probably initially replaces old cars with even worse than average emissions.

• Road safety. Since pool cars are usually much newer and thereby safer than average cars, road safety is improved. However, the greatest benefit for road safety is probably that car pool members drive fewer kilometres overall.

• One pool car can replace several private cars, such as second cars.

• Because existing vehicles are used to a greater extent, car pools help to reduce usage of resources.

• Because one pool car can replace a number of private cars, less space is needed for parking. This is an important argument in urban areas, where space is an expensive and limited resource.

• Car pools contribute to equality by giving more people the opportunity to use a car when needed, because the high fixed costs of a car are divided between several members.

“To meet the climate challenge, we must all start using our resources wisely and efficiently. The electric car pool is an environmentally conscious initiative in which we want to increase the use of our electric cars and enable more people to travel sustainably”

Catarina Hägglund, Head of Communication and Sustainability at Skellefteå Kraft

Press and media

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