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We are focused on a sustainable future

Skellefteå Kraft is a driving force in working for a sustainable future. We train our employees, make life easier for our customers and invest in renewable energy and research, while maintaining sustainability at the heart of our work. Here we tell you more about how our work contributes to a more sustainable future.

We take responsibility for the environment

A lot of changes have taken place in Sweden and in the world since Skellefteå Kraft was founded in 1906. Our society has undergone industrialisation, the cities have grown and environmental issues have become ever more important. Along the way, we have worked to secure a sustainable future through investing in hydropower, nuclear power, bio-powered district heating and, most recently, wind power.

We are continuing with this approach. We are taking responsibility for the future by investing in renewable energy, to such an extent that we have become leaders in the industry in this area. Furthermore, we are interested in involving other actors in this work by supporting research that develops renewable technologies and through new collaborations.

Most of our energy comes from hydropower

Today we supply electricity to the entire country, which we primarily produce in the northern part of Sweden. We produce electricity from renewable energy sources, the major part of the electricity comes from hydropower and wind power.  The rest of the energy comes from cogeneration and nuclear power from power plants that we partly or fully own.

We are driving societal development

Through our investments in renewable energy and the profits we create, our work leads to growth and employment in the entire region. Our investment in broadband enables people to live and work outside of urban areas. Our collaborations with the region’s universities and higher education institutions result in development for both our company and for the region as a whole.

Through clarity we take responsibility for our customers

Our customers must be able to trust us. As energy producers we aim to be forthright, fair and accessible, and to be where our customers are. Our actions speak for our intentions. For instance, we have abolished the indefinite contract (“tillsvidareavtal”), extended our opening hours and focused on clearer communication.

More than just an energy company

Our organisation’s activities consist of more than just energy. We also have our own power transmission and distribution network, premises, and energy and maintenance services. In addition we provide fibre optic broadband.

The company is wholly owned by Skellefteå Municipality.

Skellefteå Kraft in numbers

  2023 2022
Turnover in SEK billion 6.73 7.57
Profit in SEK million 1,256 2,002
Number of full-time employees 856 798
Investments in SEK million 1,590.3 1,204.3

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