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Laleh’s tour production team put it to the test and it passed with flying colours: from now on, gigs all over Sweden can be run on 100 % renewable electricity! All thanks to the innovation that is Gig-with-watts.

Acoustic concerts have their place, of course, but in most cases you need electricity – both in order to be heard properly and to be able to use that groovy wah-wah pedal.

The problem is that many venues around the country just don’t have enough juice in the mains connection. In the worst cases there isn’t any mains network at all. That’s why, if you’re a careful listener, you can sometimes hear the diesel generators humming away between songs.

Until now, that is.

Power-amplified concerts anywhere

Using equipment from Northvolt, we’ve come up with the a battery solution we call Gig-with-watts.

This solution means you can bring your power supply with you to the place where the gig is going to be. It means that it no longer matters if there are only two puny points in the wall, or if there isn’t even a wall – your electric guitar will work anyway!

Gig-with-watts is mobile, too, so you can take it with you on the whole tour.

Guaranteed 100 % renewable

Inspiration came from our charging station solution at Sillekrog, where we had to use batteries when the mains network fell short.

Really, if we’re going to pull off society’s transition, we have to be running on 100 % renewable power in as many places as possible – regardless of whether what we’re running is a camper van or a drum machine.

Magnus Brodin

“This is the first time we’re testing a 100 % renewable-energy mobile power supply to cover the energy needs of several concerts. We’re very happy to have been entrusted with this, and for the possibility to do it with the tour production team of one of Sweden’s most popular artists”

Magnus Brodin, business developer at Skellefteå Kraft

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