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The Sillekrog Battery

Right, so if we’re going to build 800 ultra-rapid chargers all around the country, but there isn’t enough juice in the mains supply – what do we do? Charge those batteries, of course! Please give a warm welcome to: the Sillekrog Battery.

The expansion of the ultra-rapid charger network together with OKQ8 is in full swing.

But it’s not just a matter of putting them up everywhere – sometimes there isn’t enough juice available, and a new mains connection is needed. That was the case at Sillekrog between Stockholm and Norrköping, which is an important charging station for electric-car drivers on the E4.

But it takes time to install a new mains connection, which meant that we needed to find another solution. And that solution was the Sillekrog Battery.

Batteries do the charging instead

The innovation is based on batteries from Northvolt and works like this: the Sillekrog Batteries are charged with the lower effective power provided by the mains supply, but in turn charge your car with full effective power. Which is to say: ultra-rapid charger power.

Ultra-rapid chargers quicker

That way, we were able to bring forward installation of the three ultra-rapid chargers at Sillekrog by about a year – but the innovation also allows us to build a more secure electricity grid.

This type of battery can help the energy system when it’s under pressure, for instance.

A pretty useful thing, don’t you think?

Magnus Brodin

”This is an exciting solution that allows us to get the chargers working at this station about a year earlier than expected. It’s part of an innovation project that will provide valuable experience for the future. And it may be that we won’t just meet the need for charging – we’re also looking into the possibility of selling support services from the battery, which would allow us to back up the energy system when it’s under pressure.”

Magnus Brodin, business developer at Skellefteå Kraft

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