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Emulate and Watt an Idea: Energy innovation in action

The purpose of the innovation programme Watt an Idea is to bring ideas, products and services which contribute to the development of the energy sector – and in the long run society – to fruition.

There are often many ideas, and many applicants too.

A small number are selected to be given the opportunity, with the help of Skellefteå Kraft, to develop their ideas and bring them to fruition and ultimately introduce them onto the market.

One of the innovative companies which was given and took this opportunity during the period 2022/2023 was Emulate.

Shwan Lamei

  ”In Sweden Skellefteå Kraft is viewed as the great innovator. It is a company with a mark of quality. This is also evident in its innovation programme. In contrast to many other programmes we felt that the focus here was on testing. Less bookwork and theories, more hands-on work and practical trials. This was exactly what we needed”, says Shwan Lamei, CEO of Emulate.

Today Emulate has a finished product which is a sought-after resource on the market. A seamless solution which reduces energy costs, contributes to a more rapid energy supply, increases flexibility and gives the user the opportunity to react to changes in the market, prices and demand in real time.

”We entered the programme early in the process when we had something which could, in good faith, be called a product. To have the possibility, along with Skellefteå Kraft, to test and thereby develop it was crucial for us. We still work together, we have a very close collaboration”, says Shwan Lamei.

Emulate is a clear example of how an idea and a vision can become reality through good collaboration. It also demonstrates clearly how together we can make a difference to sustainable energy systems of the future.

With the advanced algorithms which Emulate has developed, energy companies will be able to provide their customers with a solution which can contribute to reducing their electricity costs; up to 50 percent on charging their electric cars and 25 percent on heating. It also means that resources which the increases in energy efficiency release onto the electricity market can contribute to supporting society’s change in energy use. 

”Participation in this programme has been crucial for us. We are huge fans of the programme, and I can offer nothing but the most positive feedback”, says Shwan Lamei.


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